Virtual Production

What is Virtual Projection?

Virtual Production (VP) is a method of film making which takes place in a virtual space. It can also be used to add real life actors to computer generated (CG) environments or to add CG actors into a real environments.  It’s a real-time mixture of digital and reality.

Why use Virtual Production?

Motion Capture:
Using VP, any digitally created character can be puppeted by real actors by using full body motion capture suits and facial capture devices for more realistic looking body motions and expressions. This greatly speeds up the process of animation without sacrificing quality. Examples of this can be seen in Lord of the Rings with Gollum or in James Cameron’s Avatar.

Virtual Environments:
Adding real actors into virtual environments allows the story to be told virtually anywhere, at any place and time in history, all while maintaining full control of lighting, sound, safety and budget. Examples of this can be seen in The Mandalorian and The Avengers: Endgame.


For Businesses

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For Content Creators

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For Virtual Production Crews

Need help setting up an Unreal project for motion capture?  Looking to learn new ways to speed up your workflow?  Planning on diving into Virtual Production but don’t know which tools to buy?  We’re here to assist you.


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